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The Beginning

The Founder of Lunar Essence knew that she had a drive to become something bigger in life. Alina started her career in the retail business and planned that one day she will be able to start her own business as a young female entrepreneur. In July 2020, Alina thought how wonderful it would be to start a candle business where it would it would be something that could bring joy in people's lives.

Scented candles can bring such joy not only though home decor but though building those memories with our loved ones. Our handcrafted candles can be personalized to match each person's individual personality. Everything is handmade in Virginia.

It was not until November 2020 that Lunar Essence company went full launch 

and started getting attention. As a small business, we are constantly learning how

to improve our brand, while bringing a little joy into people's lives. 

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